Opinions of Others pt.2

Another article that discusses the issue of free speech is “Who really has free speech? The past and future of the First Amendment”, by Shakira Hill. Inside the article the author discusses how she learned about the founding fathers and the freedoms that they gave the people of the country, but since she is a woman of color living in Mississippi, she felt naturally suppressed in high school due to the environment that she resided in by stating “I always desired to voice my pain that came from attending a school with that detrimental name, but I was terrified of the consequences and retaliation that I would be faced with by the citizens in my school district who “love” the Confederate history of the South.”, meaning that due to her surroundings and who she is, she felt that she should keep to herself since otherwise there would be a possibility of seeming as if she was going against the school, state, or country.

Who really has free speech? The past and future of the First Amendment
Shakira Hall – FIRE Intern

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